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The Regulatory State vs. the Citizen; How Good Intentions Fail and the Example of Health Care;
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How to Replace ObamaCare

Now the time has arrived to end the top-down approach. Repeal and replace ObamaCare. Moving ahead requires empowering the patient-consumer, from the "bottom-up". Only this creates a natural means to control costs - the power of markets and competition - while also ensuring that quality is enhanced. Government controlled systems - single-payer or otherwise, trap us in an unavoidable dilemma, where every effort to cut costs also reduces the quality of service provided. Giving everyone the power of the purse solves this dilemma.

GOAL: Health Care Should be Universal, Accessible, and Affordable for all Americans, Without Super-Inflationary Costs

Guiding Principles:
  • Support Individual and Family Responsibility, End Bureaucratic Dependency
  • Maximize Market Features and the Power of Incentives and Competition to Lower Prices while Increasing Quality
  • Make Sure No one is Left Out
  • The Role of Government is to help Fund the Needy, but Not Run Things
  • Health Care should Not be Free

Return Health Care to its Roots by Building around redone Health Savings Accounts, for everyone, funded where needed by government to help provide access and choice for the poor and to deal with pre-existing conditions.

Key Elements:

  • Universal Health Savings Accounts. Every individual and Family should have a Health Savings Account. By law, these are tied to insurance covering all substantial or "catastrophic" health risks. People choose how high a deductible and therefore premium they want. Contributions are fully tax-deductible and funds grow tax-free. Premiums and routine costs are paid from the HSA. 
  • Government Funds the Needy. Those too poor to fund their HSA receive public funding, by credits, vouchers, or their equivalent. These are only usable with legitimate providers. Scale this down as means increase.
  • Public Support for Pre-Existing Conditions. Insurance is to guard against risks, not certainties. Pre-existing conditions are known and certain, therefore Not Appropriate for insurance. Carve these items out of coverage and put them in a separate program with public support.
  • Eliminate Most Government Mandates. Providing everyone with HSAs and the poor with credits eliminates the need for and reason behind the over-2000 costly legislative mandates. These state (and now federal) rules require special interest-driven coverages most people would choose not to pay for, like naturopaths, drug abuse treatment, morbid obesity treatment, massage therapists, mental health. People wishing such coverage may so choose. This frees insurers to create and people to choose policies tailored to their circumstances, giving choice and reducing costs.
  • Allow Interstate Sale of Health Insurance. No reason exists to prohibit interstate sales. Competition drives down costs. States retain supervision over the financial condition of insurers HQ'd in their state.
  • End the Favoring of Employment-Based Plans. Employees receive untaxed income in health benefits, and employers deduct these expenses. This has grossly distorted the market, encouraging low- or no-deductible all-inclusive plans tied to employment. A huge upward driver of costs. Deters employee job movement. Best solution - give all people the same exclusion from tax which now just employees receive.
  • Promote Information on Choices and Costs. People need to be able to figure out what coverage to buy. Private sources will, in time, fill the information gap. A great business opportunity for service. Government can encourage these with suitable incentives.
  • Integrate HSAs with Medicare and Medicaid. Age and income status do not nullify the benefits of HSAs in lower costs and increased quality. Ultimately these should be based on HSAs too.

What This Does:

This program is simple, empowering, and complete. It restores the American family and individual to center place in the payment for, and therefore the responsibility for, his or her own health care.


The Bumbling Colossus is the intellectual bible which sets out the "Big Picture" -- the facts and reasons behind the above, the whys and wherefores. In clear, non-technical language it provides "all you need to know" about practical economics in our political world. Written by an "amateur" - a lover of knowledge, for others interested to know.

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