THE BUMBLING COLOSSUS  By Henry F. Field                                              
The Regulatory State vs. the Citizen; How Good Intentions Fail and the Example of Health Care;
                                  A New Progressive's Guide    
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Praise for The Bumbling Colossus      
 "A terrific book. Henry Field has done an outstanding job of pointing out why health care should be placed in the hands of doctors and patients and not the government, and how to change the financing to achieve this.  Unfortunately, under President Obama's  2010 Affordable Care Act, government is playing and will play a much greater role in directing our health care through increased mandates, new subsidies, higher taxes, and controls on insurance companies.  Absent any systemic way to control costs, ultimately this approach leads to a 'Medicare for All' or single-payer, government-run system.  At that point, we will see the same problems that exist in countries like Canada and Britain that have nationalized systems: long waits for care, rationed and bureaucratic care, and a lack of access to the latest technologies and treatments. The author rightly points out that by changing this so as to empower patients instead of making them passive robots -- allowing them to spend private or public monies from their own accounts -- the U.S. can achieve universal, affordable, accessible, quality care for all its citizens with lower costs. This is the solution for the U.S. to continue to have the very best health care system in the world."

Sally C. Pipes, President, Pacific Research Institute, economist and prominent authority on Canadian and American health care

"Henry, I don't know who you are, but I read your book and agree with it." 

James McLain, Deputy Director of the Cost of Living Council 1972-74; CEO of Aetna Health Plans; director, hospital, nursing home, medical device and physical therapy boards.  Member, the Jackson Hole Group 1992-95.

"It is easy to read and comprehend, providing basic economic common sense as well as explaining our health care system and alternative single-payer systems. It needs to get out to the mainstream American public for the good of this great country of ours; it is an important book at an important time."

Jesse Corum IV, past president, Vermont Trial Lawyers Association

 "An extremely enlightening book about America's health care. Drawing on his background in law and economics, Field analyzes our health care system: to explain its flawed development, predict its future failure, and offer specific solutions. He makes a confusing subject understandable in easy-to-read language and at the same time supports his ideas with citations from the experts. Comparing and contrasting liberal and conservative thinking about American health care, the book encourages readers to be progressive in contemplating how we might provide universal care and be able to pay for it."

David P Simmons, M.D.

  "I couldn't put it down. It should be required reading."

Charles L  Field, retired Professor of Law,  Northeastern U. & lifelong Massachusetts liberal Democrat

"Extremely intelligent writing. I wish everyone would read it!"

Marion Simons Letts, art & antiques, Charleston, S.C. and Atlanta, Ga.

"I am  enormously impressed with what you did in Bumbling Colossus. Your insights into the very blindness and obtuseness of bloated, top-down undertakings, driven by cliched values rather than from bottom-up ambition, discipline, and corrective experience is so important! Thanks for making that case so clearly."

Paul A. Fideler
Professor of History and Humanities
Lesley University

"This remarkable book shows how we can retool our thinking to create real universal coverage without skyrocketing costs and economic decline. "

anonymous reviewer

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